03/18/2014 05:47 pm ET Updated Mar 18, 2014

5 Stages Of Wayne Knight's Death Hoax, As Experienced By Newman

Steve Granitz via Getty Images

Wayne Knight was added to the fictitious morgue over the weekend, the victim of another celebrity death hoax. (R.I.P. Fake Morgan Freeman!) After a faux tabloids pronounced that Knight had died in a car accident (once, twice, three times a lady ... ), the actor quickly took to Twitter to say hello and diffuse the claims.

Despite that, some people (postal workers, Kenny Roger Roasters enthusiasts, "Seinfeld" fans in general) took the news hard. To help them mourn, here's Newman going through the five stages of grief that was likely felt during Knight's phony death.

1. Denial and Isolation
tv show gifs

2. Anger
tv show gifs

3. Bargaining
tv show gifs

4. Depression
tv show gifs

5. Acceptance/ The Realization That Wayne Knight Is Actually Alive
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