White House Petitioned To Legally Recognize Non-Binary Genders

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A petition is making its rounds on the Internet that calls on politicians to legally recognize individuals whose bodies and experiences fall outside of the male/female gender binary.

Currently hovering around 60,000 signatures, the petition to "Legally Recognize Non-Binary Genders" needs 100,000 supporters in order to warrant a response from the Obama administration.

"Legal documents in the United States only recognize 'male' and 'female' as genders," the petition notes, "leaving anyone who does not identify as one of these two genders with no option... This petition asks the Obama administration to legally recognize genders outside of the male/female binary, and provide an option for these genders on all legal documents and records."

Other countries have already institutionalized options for individuals whose bodies and experiences fall outside of the male/female binary. As of last summer, Australian citizens have the option of M (male), F (female) or X (Indeterminate/Intersex/Unspecified) on their personal documents. Additionally, parents in Germany have a "third gender" option when their children are born, allowing them to instead leave the space blank on their child's birth certificate.

Head here to read the petition in full.

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