Meet Loki, The Curious Little Wolf Pup Who's Being Raised To Love Humans (VIDEO)

03/21/2014 08:21 am 08:21:36 | Updated Mar 21, 2014

Loki may be a wolf, but he certainly isn't scary.

The 4-week-old pup was born at Everglades Outpost Wildlife Rescue, a nonprofit wildlife rescue organization in southern Florida, and is being raised by workers to ensure that he's comfortable with humans.

"We can't release him into the wild because we aren't sure what his lineage is," says volunteer Chris Madden, 25, who's raising Loki and who can be seen playing with the pup in the video above.

"We're hand-raising him to keep him socialized with humans," Madden told The Huffington Post over the phone Thursday. "It's less stressful for him and for us if he's okay with people and views us as family members."


(Hat tip, Storyful)

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