03/24/2014 09:15 am ET | Updated Mar 24, 2014

This 'Breaking Bad' Tattoo Is The Mark Of A True Superfan

For today's rendition of "fan or fanatic," we've got someone who pretty clearly falls into "fanatic" territory. Have we officially located the planet's most die-hard "Breaking Bad" follower?

On Saturday, March 22, Aaron Paul posted a photo of a fan sporting an elaborate chest tattoo of Walter White, Jesse Pinkman, the "Breaking Bad" logo and some of the science behind it all.

Paul aptly captioned the photo with, "Who is this guy? I want to have pizza with him and ask him stuff." Don't we all.

Love it or hate it, there's no doubt this is the mark of a true superfan. Whether or not this ink will be able to age as gracefully as Mr. White will only be told with the passage of time.


"Breaking Bad" Fan Art
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