Chef Grandma Dancing To 'Ice, Ice Baby' Is The Best Thing To Ever Happen In A Kitchen

03/27/2014 05:52 pm ET | Updated Mar 27, 2014

You may have heard of cooking with love, but the secret to this grandmother's cuisine is '90s hip-hop.

In a video posted on YouTube earlier this month, a grandma shows off some serious moves while dancing to "Ice, Ice Baby" in the kitchen.

She starts off with a few of her own steps -- like "stir the pot" -- before kicking off her shoes to showcase her fancy footwork. This groovy grandma may even give the 88-year-old dancing Nana a run for her money.

Judging by how perplexed the dog is, grandma's "Ice, Ice Baby" routine may not be part of her usual recipe. So we're just glad that someone managed to capture this incredible display on film.

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