10 Photos That Will Make You Absolutely Hate Tourist Visas

04/01/2014 07:00 am ET | Updated Apr 03, 2014

You've booked your dirt-cheap flight on a cheapo airline, and you've shoved all four T-shirts into a tiny carry-on so you won't have to check bags.

Then comes a cost you may never have calculated: the visa. Many countries require a tourist visa for American visitors, and prices can range from $15 (Vietnam) to a wallet-womping $275 (Nigeria).

Shermans Travel recently ranked the world's most expensive tourist visas for Americans using Visa HQ, a site that lets you search for visas by country. Some of the numbers are just plain staggering. Keep in mind that these are just the costs to American tourists, they're subject to change, and they don't include other costs like reciprocity fees, which countries might require in addition to a visa.

Think these places look pretty to visit? Not with the visa price tag next to them.

PARAGUAY. Cost of Visa: $160 150811302

BANGLADESH. Cost of Visa: $160 152637849

QATAR. Cost of Visa: $160 170121954

BRAZIL. Cost of Visa: $180 christ the redeemer

RUSSIA. Cost of Visa: $173 143177749

DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF THE CONGO. Cost of Visa: $200 184272941

ALGERIA. Cost of Visa: $191 181740467

NIGERIA. Cost of Visa: $275 nigeria

ARGENTINA. Cost of Visa: $160 (This is a "reciprocity fee.") 453076449

AZERBAIJAN. Cost of Visa: $180 170881144

CORRECTION: A previous version of this post listed the cost of visiting Chile for U.S. citizens. However, the country recently eliminated this fee. This post also associated a photo of Iguazu Falls with Paraguay-- in fact, that view of the falls cannot be seen from Paraguay.

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