04/08/2014 05:39 pm ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

This Is What Diversity Is All About

Five swimmers from the University of Virginia wanted to champion diversity at their college -- and they nailed it with one simple message: "2 of us are gay. The other 3 don't care."

The awesome message was posted on Twitter this week by varsity swimmer Parker Camp, 22, (pictured holding the sign) as part of the "We Are All UVa" campaign, a student-led effort that seeks to promote the beauty and power of diversity at the University of Virginia.

Earlier this year, Camp made headlines when he came out -- both to his very religious family and to the world at large.

"Although I have lived a life of denial and deceit, full of depression, loneliness, shame, and frustration I can stand up and truthfully say that is all in the past," Camp wrote in a heartbreaking letter to his mother, published in a blog post for Out Sports. "I’m ready to face what I must to live the life I deserve. After years of struggle I am now able to fully accept this part of who I am and I have never been more proud. After years of struggle I have never been more relieved."

He later added that he had also come out to his swim team. "They have been uniformly accepting and supportive," he wrote.


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