Chimps On The Loose At Kansas City Zoo [UPDATE]

04/10/2014 06:35 pm ET | Updated Apr 14, 2014

UPDATE: Officials tell KSHB that all the chimpanzees are back in their enclosures after their escape this afternoon.


Chimpanzees broke out of their enclosures at Kansas City Zoo, and the area is on lockdown as officials try to track down the escapees.

It's unclear how many chimps got out late this afternoon, but zoo spokeswoman Julie Neemeyer said officials are taking every precaution, according to The Kansas City Star.

"As a precaution we have all of our visitors in locked buildings, in safety areas," she said.

Some media outlets, like KCTV, are reporting that there may be as many as four on the loose:

Zoo officials are investigating how the escape happened. The last inspection of the enclosure was in December 2012, according to KSHB. At the time, there were 14 chimps at the zoo.

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