Ryanair Unveils First Commercials In Nearly 25 Years... And They're Surprisingly Tame

04/10/2014 11:42 am ET | Updated Apr 10, 2014
Bloomberg via Getty Images

Ryanair has been doing a lot lately to try and improve their image... including rolling out a series of commercials to entice travelers.

The three brief ads are surprisingly tame for a company whose CEO has called passengers "idiots" in the past and plays a shockingly loud trumpet sound each time a flight lands on time.

The ads also promote Ryanair's new bag policy, which will now allow passengers to bring a second small carry-on item (such as a handbag or briefcase) and the new seat allocation system.

This more subtle, glamorous take on Ryanair marketing seems like a step in the right direction. But will it convince travelers to fly with the often-controversial airline?

Watch the ads below and let us know what you think.

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