04/11/2014 05:33 pm ET Updated Apr 11, 2014

Germany Marijuana Supporters Call On Parliament To Discuss Legalizing Marijuana

On the heels of Uruguay's recent decision to legalize the sale of marijuana, some Germans are arguing for their own high times.

More than 120 criminal law professors are calling on Germany's national parliament, the Bundestag, to discuss legalizing the sale and ownership of weed.

Supporters of the cause have planted marijuana plants in parks and gardens all over the country. Just last summer, hundreds were spotted in the city of Göttingen.

German Commissioner Marlene Mortler, however, is not amused by the thought. News site Deutsche Welle notes that Mortler wrote on her website: “We must not underestimate the health risks for young people. Regular cannabis consumption leads to considerable health damage, and can lead to psychoses and addiction."

Learn more about the professors' call in the HuffPostLive segment above.


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