04/14/2014 04:44 pm ET | Updated May 05, 2014

This 'Breaking Bad' 'Frozen' Mashup Is The Perfect Answer To The 'Do You Want To Build A Snowman' Question

What do you get when you combine the highest grossing animated film of all time with one of the most iconic TV dramas in history? A mashup for the ages.

By now, you've watched "Frozen" at least a dozen times and are intimately familiar with every line of the "Do You Want To Build A Snowman" song. But after watching the countless renditions posted on YouTube and having children pass you by on the street, belting out the lyrics as they go, you might be slowly losing your mind. It's April, we've dealt with Polar Vortexes and months of cold weather, so no, we don't want to build a snowman.

Thankfully, Jesse Pinkman feels the same. Check out the mashup above.


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