04/14/2014 09:39 am ET Updated Mar 12, 2015

5 Tasty Twists On Classic Chip And Dip Recipes


Take a break from familiar chips and guac with these tasty reinventions of the classics.

By Lynn Andriani

  • 1 Potato Chips + Ranch Dressing
    Chips: Courtesy of Kettle Brand, Dressing: Thinkstock
    The old way: Plain, thick-cut chips have a predictable companion in bottled ranch dressing.
    The new twist: Kettle Brand's new Organic Sweet Chili Garlic Krinkle Cut Potato Chips have a mellow spice, rich garlic flavor and a touch of sweetness from dried cane syrup. A creamy and cool dip made from avocado thinned with vegetable broth and spiked with garlic, lemon juice, onion powder, sweet paprika and dill is refreshing but still reminds us of why we love ranch dressing so much.
    Get the recipe: Avocado-Ranch Dressing
  • 2 Pita + Hummus
    Pretzels: Photo courtesy of Stacy's, Hummus: Thinkstock
    The old way: Pita chips are the standard -- but obvious -- accompaniment to the Middle Eastern chickpea-based spread.
    The new twist: Pretzel thins, such as the new line from Stacy's that comes in sea salt and honey Dijon flavors, have a lighter texture than pita chips (which are often folded, making them quite thick). And hummus made with edamame instead of avocado tastes zestier and lighter.
    Get the recipe: Edamame Hummus with Cucumber Slices
  • 3 Tortilla Chips + Black Bean Dip
    Chips: Thinkstock, Dip: John Kernick
    The old way: Paper-thin, salty store-bought chips that are alarmingly easy-to-down by the handful -- and a bit too flimsy to scoop up beans pureed with cilantro and cumin.
    The new twist: Tortilla chips baked in your oven (it only takes 10 minutes) have a much more satisfying taste and texture than the bagged kind. And this spin on smooth bean dip gets an unexpected smoky kick from chipotle chilies.
    Get the recipes: Baked Tortilla Chips and Smoky Black Bean Dip
  • 4 Chips + Guacamole
    Chips: Courtesy of Allgood Provisions, Guacamole: Nigel Cox
    The old way: Bagged chips alongside a bowl of mashed avocado with a squirt of lime juice and maybe some chopped red onion are among the most beloved -- but potentially boring -- party foods.
    The new twist: Banana (or plantain) chips such as Allgood Provisions', which are cooked in organic coconut oil, still deliver salty crunch but have a sweet edge that pairs wonderfully with avocado. And we've found seven inventive takes on guacamole, from fruity to nutty to margarita-inspired, to try.
    Get the recipe: Guacamole, Reimagined
  • 5 Potato Chips + Sour Cream And Onion Dip
    Richard Gerhard Jung
    The old way: Potato chips from a bag and sour cream mixed with powdered onion soup mix have been popular at social gatherings since the '50s.
    The new twist: Potato crisps you make yourself taste more, well, potatoey; they're also slightly thicker and way better for you. The dip gets deep, authentic flavor from fresh herbs (parsley, rosemary) and Parmesan (and you can use plain yogurt or sour cream for the base).
    Get the recipes: Baked Potato Chips and Herb-and-Cheese Dip

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