Heartwarming Play Brings Young Fans With Muscular Dystrophy Onto The Field

04/15/2014 06:58 pm ET

The NCAA may be embroiled in controversy over players' rights, but at least teams have their priorities straight when it comes to helping fans' dreams come true.

Exhibit A: At the end of practice Saturday, the Rutgers football team ran a special play for two longtime fans with muscular dystrophy.

A video of the play opens with Matt DeRiggi, 11, and Danny Garofalo, 16, on-field in the middle of the huddle. After the snap, Matt gets the ball on a handoff from quarterback Gary Nova, who then hands it off to Danny in a trick play known as a reverse. Danny then wheels into the end zone with the ball, following a wall of blockers, for the touchdown.

After the score, players surround the two in celebration.

"[Danny] loved it," Danny's father, Dan, told afterward. "That's what makes it all worth it. As small as something like that seems, it really is a big difference."

WATCH Rutgers' heartwarming play, above.

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