1 Man, 2 Minutes, 100 Peeps

04/18/2014 04:32 pm ET | Updated Apr 18, 2014

Matt Stonie, the man who powered through four Chipotle burritos in three minutes, wants you to take a peep at his latest accomplishment.

More specifically, his devouring of 100 Peeps.

Yesterday, the competitive eater shared a video of himself eating 100 of the marshmallow Easter treats in a span of just more than two minutes. That's 50 yellow Peeps and 50 pink Peeps, because apparently he needs some variety in his diet.

"All right, that's 100 peeps," a visibly pained Stonie says after the feat. "One hundred peep challenge."

In a tweet reflecting on the performance, he later says, "Ever felt bloated? No you haven't..."

Watch the Peep challenge, above. Warning: There's a disgusting peep burp at 2:32, and there's adult language at the end.

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