04/21/2014 12:30 pm ET Updated Apr 23, 2014

Are You Worldly Enough To Ace This Geography Quiz?

Sure, you can point your own country and a few others out on a map, but just how far can you go? How well do you actually know the world you live in? Lucky you, we've got a quiz that will tell you just how much of a geography genius you actually are -- or aren't.

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Thought this quiz was too easy? Then you're ready for some next level geography testing. Enjoy!

Clarification: Language has been amended in the quiz to characterize the territorial status of several locations more accurately (we don't want to give anything away).

  • 1 No-one really knows what you study
    Particularly true if you do human geography. People will constantly compare your degree to sociology, anthropology, politics, international relations, geology, the works.
  • 2 You get to go on loads of fieldtrips
    What other course gives you the opportunity to go to places like Iceland and the Himalayas? Even if it's actually to Whitby at least you get to go somewhere.
  • 3 You have the life of an arts student
    Even if you're doing physical geography and studying for a BSc you'll still only have about 7 hours a week. Heaven.
  • 4 Geographers are the most fun
    Probably due to the lack of contact time, geographers are always well known around campus for being party animals!
  • 5 You get to do a bit of everything
    Economic? History? Chemistry? Biology? Politics? Physics? Yes, geography includes them all.
  • 6 You're not geologists
    Because there is more to life than rocks.
  • 7 Your dissertation can actually be interesting
    You don't have to do it on fluctuations in exchange rates or anything boring like that. No, you get to do yours on glaciers in Patagonia or lads holidays in Ayia Napa!
  • 8 Because you've always wanted to be a geography teacher
    Don't lie, you know it's true.
  • 9 Everyone loves volcanoes
    It's been a love affair since the first time you made one with vinegar and baking soda.
  • 10 Because everyone loves colouring in
    Go on. Be honest.
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