04/22/2014 02:02 pm ET | Updated Apr 24, 2014

Kim Kardashian Takes Ripped Jeans To Another Level

It's like she wants attention or something ...

Of course, we know Kim Kardashian would never wear something just to get the shutterbugs clicking, but her outfit on Monday, April 21, certainly caught our attention.

The 33-year-old and her sister Kourtney were spotted after they grabbed an ice tea from Starbucks, both donning some interesting apparel. Kim took ripped jeans to the next level, wearing a pair of Levis with holes so large they exposed the majority of her thighs, and might as well have been daisy dukes. Meanwhile, Kourtney wore a very strange leather skirt with a cut-out net pattern that also exposed her lower thighs.

kim k kourtney jeans


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