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Every Type Of Person You'll See At The Farmers Market

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Spring is a great time to visit the farmers market. Some of our favorite spring vegetables -- like artichokes, rhubarb and asparagus -- cover the tables. Blossoming trees provide picturesque shade and temperatures are still cool enough that it's comfortable to mill about in a crowd. (Unlike the height of summer when the farmers market can feel like a sticky swarm of slow-moving bodies.)

Whatever the season, however, the farmers market is thrilling because each week brings new produce we're excited to reacquaint ourselves with. It's also comforting, because certain things are so reliable. There will always be a quiet calm in the early morning, followed by a rush and by 1 p.m. you're lucky if there's anything of value left. There will always be the purveyors eager to tell you about their fare, and there will always be the house plants and flowers you really want to buy but remind yourself you don't really need. (And then hopefully you buy some anyway.)

The farmers market is also reliably full of a predictable cast of characters. Some of them we love, some give us a good laugh and others make us never want to visit the farmers market again. Here are 15 people you'll probably see at the farmers market.

  • 1 The stroller pusher.
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    We're glad you take your kid to the farmers market, but a stroller is an aggressive decision. Especially if that stroller is carrying a dog. We've seen it -- far too often.
  • 2 The first-timers.
    Henglein and Steets via Getty Images
    We agree: going to the farmers market is very exciting. But please contain your giggles and your photo-ops.
  • 3 The person who wants to know the seller's entire life story.
    Heather Weston via Getty Images
    You seem to think the people behind you in line don't have anything better to do with their day. You also think that being overly serious makes you some kind of authority. Enjoy yourself!
  • 4 The person who judges what you buy.
    Education Images/UIG via Getty Images
    It's not cool to judge someone if all they want is bread and cheese. But we agree, they should probably take advantage of the gorgeous vegetables too.
  • 5 The person who brings his own compost to the market.
    Alison Spiegel
    If your farmers market has a compost program, you're a good human for participating.
  • 6 The chef.
    ParkerDeen via Getty Images
    You may not be in your chef's uniform, but we spy you, and we will try to learn from your choices.
  • 7 The person who touches everything.
    Betsie Van der Meer via Getty Images
    Do you think we want that tomato after you've squeezed it 11 times? And what? Now you're not even buying any tomatoes?
  • 8 The adorably wholesome family.
    Image Source RF/InStock via Getty Images
    You guys are too cute. Really.
  • 9 The person who brought her own bags.
    Image Source RF/InStock via Getty Images
    You're in your element.
  • 10 The person who forgot her bags.
    Hulya Ozkok via Getty Images
    Get out! No, we kid. It's all good. Just don't do it again.
  • 11 The tourists who form human chains and take excessive photos.
    40260 via Getty Images
    You take up all the room and you're moving way too slowly! Stop taking selfies, buy something and leave!
  • 12 The person who just looks enviably good.
    Betsie Van Der Meer via Getty Images
    We applaud you. You know what you're doing, you're efficient and you're not obnoxious about it.
  • 13 The biker.
    Richard Jung via Getty Images
    As long as you tie your bike up outside the market, we're cool with you. However, please don't bring the bike into the market. That's just rude.
  • 14 The person who's just there for the free samples.
    You know who you are.
  • 15 The person looking for a date.
    Sam Edwards via Getty Images
    We suppose the farmers market is as good a place as any to pick up a date, but can you at least pretend you're there to shop?

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Spring Food Porn
Spring Food Porn