12 Ways We've Ruined Greek Yogurt With Over-Marketing

04/23/2014 07:00 am ET | Updated Apr 23, 2014
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The Greeks do a lot of things right in life (ahem, like soaking their desserts in honey). It's no wonder that we are quick to adopt their olive oil-heavy Mediterranean diet and thick, custardy Greek yogurt. But the Greek yogurt craze has gotten out of control, friends, and we're not sure that it's a good thing.

We loved Greek yogurt when it made its way into our grocery stores and became a staple part of our breakfast. We even loved Greek yogurt when it found a spot next to ice cream in the freezer section. But now, Greek yogurt is showing up in places it has no business being -- like in our showers -- and we think it's time it just calms down. Not to mention, Greek yogurt is different from regular yogurt because it's been strained, removing excess liquid and giving it a thick, creamy texture. Once you combine it with high-fructose corn syrup and make a hard coating for a granola bar, you sort of lose that special quality. Are you with us?

  • 1 It all started in an innocent manner.
    Greek yogurt just wanted to be yogurt.
  • 2 It was an awesome, easy breakfast.
    Flickr: Janine
  • 3 Then, it made its way into our frozen desserts.
    Sneaky, but okay.
  • 4 Found its way into dips.
    Getting bold.
  • 5 Became the subject of entire cookbooks.
    We like the stuff, but does it really merit an entire cookbook?? (You can get that book here if you think it does.)
  • 6 Covered our Craisins.
    Ocean Spray
    Greek yogurt sure does get around.
  • 7 And our pretzels too.
    Rickland Orchards
  • 8 Replaced our fudge pops.
    This is a serious offense.
  • 9 Started making gelato.
    Rickland Orchards
    We don't even understand anymore.
  • 10 It got into our children's yogurt.
    We give up.
  • 11 In our protein bars.
    Nature Valley
  • 12 And our granola bars.
    Rickland Orchards
  • 13 Feeding our babies.
    Happy Baby
  • 14 But that's not the worst of it...
  • 15 In our bar soap.
    We aren't even joking.
  • 16 People, it's even in our face cream.
    "At what point has it crossed the line?" you ask. At this point. This one right here!

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