04/24/2014 05:21 am ET | Updated Apr 24, 2014

Jon Stewart's Feud With Sean Hannity: 'Sh*t Just Got Weird'

Fox News host Sean Hannity says Jon Stewart of "The Daily Show" is "kind of obsessed" with his program.

And last night, Stewart agreed.

"I am obsessed with your program in the same way that I'm obsessed with antibiotic-resistant superbugs or the Pacific garbage patch or the KFC Double Down," Stewart said. "Because I just can't believe that in this day and age, with all that we know, this shit is out there -- that humanity, that our society, is still weighed down by these burdens of a seemingly more medieval time. Like your show."

He was just getting warmed up. Don't miss the full segment, in the clip above.


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