04/29/2014 07:00 am ET Updated May 01, 2014

Drunken Cookery: The Terrible Things You've Done To Pizza While Inebriated

Flickr: BobbyV_

W.C. Fields put it best when he said, "I like to cook with wine, sometimes I even add it to my food." While perusing the vast world of SubReddits, we learned that he is not alone. Not even close.

Drunken Cookery, a SubReddit that focuses on meals people make while under the influence, shares the culinary creations of drunken people everywhere. Some of them are creative, some are downright impressive and others are absolutely horrifying. We found one underlying theme while scanning the dishes of drunken cooks: pizza.

There's no food that goes more perfectly with drunkenness than pizza. From the late-night slice to the frozen pizza we have at the ready, pizza is the perfect end to a night of debauchery. And it is also a classic vehicle for culinary creativity. Especially after a few drinks. While drinking and cooking can be dangerous (please understand we are not condoning this behavior), it certainly does make for interesting dishes. Behold all the great things people do to pizza when drunk:

  • 1 Deep-Fried Pizza
    Imgur: BeerFoodSports
    AAAAMAZING. And probably very dangerous if drinking. Please, proceed with caution.
  • 2 Mac & Cheese Pizza
    Flickr: BobbyV_
    Don't tell us you haven't dreamed of this before.
  • 3 Pizza Quesadilla
    Imgur: pizzabeer
    Pure genius. Frozen pizza, filled with peppers, folded in half and eaten like a quesadilla.
  • 4 "I may have passed out with a pizza in the oven."
    Imgur: thexon
    Don't try this at home.
  • 5 Pizza Croissants
    Flickr: LeSpatula
    You know you want this.
  • 6 Cheesy Tots Pizza
    Imgur: TheLastRealRedditor
    This is everything.
  • 7 Pizza Cake -- Seriously
    Flickr: dlbaseball2
    Let us enlighten you as to what you're looking at: DiGiorno pizza, eggs, chicken tender, cheeseburgers, mac and cheese, pizza rolls, bacon cheese fries, Doritos, Cheetos and corn chips. This is not a joke.
  • 8 Bruschetta Pizza
    Flickr: teemunney
    Just one step away from pizza, and yet worlds apart.
  • 9 Biscuit Pizza
    Flickr: Dr_King_Schultz
    When in doubt, go with the biscuits.
  • 10 Bacon wrapped banana.
    Imgur: bushmillsNbitches
    This is not pizza, not even close, but it definitely deserves a mention because com'on, it's a bacon-wrapped banana people.

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