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Little Baby Birds Flaunt Fancy Hats With The Utmost Sophistication

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Sometimes all it takes is a baby bird in a snazzy cap to brighten your day.

Today, you're in cluck.

Maine-based photographer Julie Persons snapped photos of several little, darling chicks sporting what might just be summer's hottest fashion trend (hats!). Some of the caps are hand-crafted by Persons, some were purchased in local shops and all are adorable. Persons, who's from a farm just outside the town of Norridgewock, Maine started the hobby when her 7-year-old daughter tried to accessorize some of the baby birds they were keeping at home. See their work below.

  • Two-day old Mamie flaunts a classic top hat.
    Julie Persons/Barcroft Media /Landov
  • This 9-day-old chick gets flashy with a hat fit for a queen.
    Julie Persons/Barcroft Media /Landov
  • Versatility at its best: This bird's look works for a casual day at the beach and a more up-scale summer yacht fete.
    Julie Persons/Barcroft Media /Landov
  • Making an entrance doesn't have to be gaudy. This chick pulls off her statement crown without being too showy.
    Julie Persons/Barcroft Media /Landov
  • A little chick keeps it chill in a pom-pom topped whoolie.
    Julie Persons/Barcroft Media /Landov
  • Hat hair is a thing of the past for this be-scarved fashionista. Loving that lace!
    Julie Persons/Barcroft Media /Landov
  • This little bird parades her feminine side in a lavender head-topper.
    Julie Persons/Barcroft Media /Landov
  • Two chic(k) looks from two fowl friends.
    Julie Persons/Barcroft Media /Landov
    One little bird outfits in a top hat (left), while a companion goes for a different kind of flair in a bowler (right).
  • Here's Mamie, again, sporting a norm-core knit look.
    Julie Persons/Barcroft Media /Landov
  • Teeny bird proves that neutrals don't have to be boring. This brimmed black-and-white number is perfect for any occasion.
    Julie Persons/Barcroft Media /Landov

If you haven't yet had your chicks-in-hats fix (who could blame you?), head over to Persons' gallery for more.

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