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In Honor Of The Cronut's 1st Anniversary, Here Are 9 Times It Made Us Go Crazy

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We like donuts. And we like croissants. But Cronuts? WE'RE OVER IT. Actually, we were over it about a week after the Cronut came out. And today marks the one-year anniversary of the Cronut -- with nearly no dip in popularity -- which means that people have been going gaga for this donut-croissant hybrid for 356 days too long now.

We love Dominique Ansel, creator of the Cronut and recent winner of the James Beard Award for Outstanding Pastry Chef, for his innovative way of thinking about pastries and for his lovely kouign amann, but his Cronut is out of control. It's not the pastry itself we have a problem with -- that, we're sure, is lovely. It's the lines. The hype. And the way it's taken over people's brains. Cronuts have become the food equivalent of a zombie apocalypse. It's making people crazy -- and it's driving us nuts.

In honor of the Cronut's one-year anniversary, and the fact that it's still the most popular pastry on the planet, here are nine times it made us downright mad.

  • 1 When Dominique Ansel trademarked the Cronut.
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    And we had to start capitalizing Cronut everywhere -- even when we just thought about the pastry. Thanks a lot, Cronut™. (If you're confused about the matter, feel free to visit the Cronut 101 section of Dominique Ansel Bakery's website. We're not even joking.)
  • 2 When the Cro-Nots, Doissants and Brioughnuts started popping up.
    BEN STANSALL via Getty Images
    The epic amount of knock-offs led to Ansel trademarking the Cronut name. If it had helped keep creations like the Croughnuts at bay, we would have supported his decision. But it didn't; we are still flooded with Dossants and more.
  • 3 When Dunkin' Donuts ripped off the Cronut.
    You're better than that Dunkin'.
  • 4 When people started scalping Cronuts.
    Andre Maier LLC via Getty Images
    This isn't The Rolling Stones circa 1965 people, it's just a pastry. We blame this behavior on the bakery's limit of 2 Cronuts per customer -- what are they, our parents?
  • 5 When everyone thought the ramen burger was going to be the next Cronut.
    Flickr: The Food Film
    Thank God it wasn't.
  • 6 When everyone called the waffogato the next Cronut.
    Flickr: Gullpress WNA
    Not even close.
  • 7 When everyone called the chococookie cup the next Cronut.
    Not everything wants to be a Cronut, okay?!
  • 8 When everyone who lived outside of New York was confused as to why you hadn't had one yet.
    Andre Maier LLC via Getty Images
    If you've heard of the Cronut, you must have heard of the lines. They go from scary to scarier to incomprehensibly maddening.
  • 9 Or worse, when people find out you're a food editor and don't understand why you haven't had a Cronut.
    Andre Maier via Getty Images
    Because Dominique Ansel won't send us any, okay? (And we really hate lines.) And yes, we're feeling a little bitter about it.

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