05/12/2014 07:00 am ET

Dinosaur Embossed Rolling Pins Make Baking Infinitely Cuter

Etsy: ValekRollingPins

The only thing that's better for a baker than a really great rolling pin is an embossed rolling pin. And the only way to top that is with a dinosaur pattern embossed rolling pin. Ladies and gentleman, we have found said rolling pin and it is wildly adorable -- cute enough to turn just about anyone into a baker.

Etsy artist Zuzia Kozerska makes these lovely dinosaur rolling pins out of local wood in her hometown near Warsaw, Poland. But she doesn't just emboss dinosaurs onto rolling pins -- that's just a personal favorite -- she does foxes, burgers and beautiful geometric patterns too.

If there was one thing that was going to convince us that drop cookies aren't the best type cookies to bake -- because they're so much less work -- it's these rolling pins. These guys make us want to roll cookies out for the rest of our lives. Check out some of our other favorites below, and see the rest at Kozerska's Etsy store Valek Rolling Pins.

  • 1 Fox Pattern Embossed Rolling Pin
    Etsy: ValekRollingPins
  • 2 Burger And Fries Embossed Rolling Pin
    Etsy: ValekRollingPins
  • 3 Cat And Mouse Embossed Rolling Pin
    Etsy: ValekRollingPins
  • 4 Dinosaur Embossing Rolling Pin
    Etsy: ValekRollingPins
    On Etsy for $42.59.
  • 5 Geometric Circles Embossed Rolling Pin
    Etsy: ValekRollingPins

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