05/12/2014 10:57 am ET

Golf Is So Boring That These Announcers Would Rather Watch A Turtle

Fact: The only thing that moves slower than a turtle is golf.

So it makes perfect sense that announcers for the 2014 PGA decided to focus their attention on a soft-shelled turtle prepping for a dive. It was the most exciting thing to happen the entire tournament.

During the 16th hole, the turtle had apparently had enough and escaped the monotony by diving head first into the water. Upon seeing the dive, a crowd erupted, reminding themselves that happiness is still possible even in the midst of the most boring game to ever exist.

While we generously give the turtle a 6/10 on the dive, the announcers were a little more judgmental.

"That was really disappointing," one of the announcers says, his childlike spirit clearly crushed long ago from reporting on golf for so long.

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