These Grilled Cheese Fails Make Us Question Our Faith In Humanity

05/14/2014 12:00 am 00:00:27
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The grilled cheese sandwich is probably the easiest thing one could make. There are no complicated cooking instructions and no difficult ingredients to source. Just bread, butter and cheese. Grilled. In a skillet. ANYONE can do it. And yet, somehow, this sandwich is repeatedly failed by more than capable human beings. Where's the love, people?

We've gone over all the simple steps you can take to make sure your grilled cheese is 100 percent awesome but we're still finding sad, sad excuses for grilled cheese sandwiches. Some of these grilled cheeses are left to burn in the pan -- it takes minutes to cook, do you really have to leave the kitchen? Other grilled cheeses fall apart into a gloopy mess -- so sad.

And it gets worse. So much worse.

  • 1 Someone MICROWAVED this grilled cheese.
    Imgur: HorsHead4tuna
  • It's called grilled for a reason.
  • 2 This grilled cheese never even stood a chance.
    Imgur: Show3it
  • Lesson: don't skip the second piece of bread.
  • 3 This grilled cheese had so much potential.
    Imgur: BeirutJH
  • Shot in the back.
  • 4 And this grilled cheese was made in a coffee pot.
    Imgur: CoffeeTeaMe
  • On an airplane. NO RESPECT.
  • 5 The person responsible for this clearly has no love for food -- or life in general.
    Imgur: ibrokethedishes
  • 6 Dorm room grilled cheese gets an F for FAIL.
  • Melted cheese does not equal grilled cheese.
  • 7 WHY????
    Imgur: chiefsalad
  • 8 Rice cakes.
    Imgur: DaHitcha
  • This is a joke, right?
  • 9 Two AM grilled cheese.
    Imgur: Giygas
  • Our parents always told us bad things happen late at night -- turns out they were right.
  • 10 We're not even sure what went wrong here.
    Imgur: joshthewaster
  • Basically, everything. Everything went wrong.

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