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Are You Smarter Than Your 2nd Grader?

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Blake Van Ningen, left, Ashton Cushing, center, and Zac Sayler work on an assignment Friday, Jan. 10, 2014 at Freeman Elementary in Freeman, S.D. South Dakota this year began implementing the standards, adopted by 45 states, but those guidelines are facing increasing attacks from some lawmakers and others who argue they take away too much local control of schools. (AP photo/Jeremy Waltner) | ASSOCIATED PRESS

Under Common Core, parents are likely to see some unfamiliar terms on their children's elementary-school math homework. Here are some examples drawn from New York state's math curriculum:

—Grade 2 addition:

Solve using your place value chart and number disks, composing a 10 when necessary: 53 + 19

—Grade 2 subtraction:

Craig checked out 28 books at the library. He read and returned some books. He still has 19 books checked out. How many books did Craig return? Draw a tape diagram or number bond to solve.

—Grade 4 multiplication:

Represent the following expressions with disks, regrouping as necessary, writing a matching expression, and recording the partial products vertically: 3 x 24

—Grade 4 word problem:

Cindy says she found a shortcut for doing multiplication problems. When she multiplies 3 × 24, she says, "3 × 4 is 12 ones, or 1 ten and 2 ones. Then there's just 2 tens left in 24, so add it up and you get 3 tens and 2 ones." Do you think Cindy's shortcut works? Explain your thinking in words and justify your response using a model or partial products.


Source: EngageNY, New York's Common Core curriculum

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