Jennifer Lawrence Plays 'Box Of Lies' With Jimmy Fallon, Can't Keep It Together

05/16/2014 08:09 am ET | Updated May 16, 2014

Jennifer Lawrence was her usual endearing self on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon," on May 15, where she promoted her new movie "X:Men: Days of Future Past," and recounted (with full demonstration) the time she and Fallon had a few too many jello shots and felt the burning sting of rejection when they tried to ask Jennifer Lopez to dance.

But more importantly, Fallon tested the 23-year-old's Oscar-winning acting chops with a little game called "Box of Lies," which resulted in plenty of laughs, the appearance of a John Stamos doll, and Lawrence telling Fallon, "If it's not the truth, you're a sociopath."

Watch the results of their wonderfully ridiculous chemistry above.

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