05/18/2014 12:18 pm ET Updated May 18, 2014

9 Bold Rooms That Incorporate Color In The Most Perfect Way (PHOTOS)

When it comes to completing projects around the house, sometimes the seemingly simplest task can be scarier than a gut kitchen remodel. At least that seems to be the case when adding a bright pop of color to any area of your home or incorporating a new, bold hue throughout a design scheme. Lucky for us, we have our friends at to remind us that not only is adding color far from frightening, but it can be done (and done well, at that) in literally any room in the house.

Which spot is your dream vision of a color-splashed space?

  • Vibrant accents always make a room pop.
    Sunset Idea Town by Brian Paquette Interiors
  • And a splash of bright tile does the trick...
    Red Kitchen by Conrad Romano Architects
  • ...if you're not ready to boldly cover the entire wall.
    Wells St by Inspired Interiors
  • Color brings warmth to any room in the house.
    Evans Woodway by Gretchen Evans Design
  • And takes even the smallest space to exciting new levels.
    Rimm by House of L
  • Because a bright monochromatic scheme never hurt anybody.
    Belle Mede Kitchen by Errez Design
  • Daring artwork is always a safe bet...
    Beverly Hills Modern by Denise Foley Design, Inc.
  • is using vivd hues to transition from one room to another.
    Orange Kitchen Remodel by Wentworth, Inc.
  • And don't be afraid to mix (and match).
    Brooklyn by CWB Architects

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Colorful Front Doors
Colorful Front Doors