It's Official, This Is The Nerdiest Wedding Ever

05/27/2014 07:46 pm ET | Updated May 27, 2014
  • Taryn Hillin Fmr. Associate Editor, Huffington Post Weddings and Divorce and current YA author / screenwriter and journalist.

We've seen plenty of amazing geek-chic weddings before, but this couple took it one step further and combined their love of video games, movies, TV shows, and super heroes to create the ultimate nerdy nuptials.

The pictures were posted to Reddit Saturday by the groom himself with the caption, "We wanted our wedding to reflect things we love."

Check out all the pop culture references they managed to squeeze in below.

The invitations were inspired by Nintendo:

The bride's shoes were all about "Mass Effect" (it's a video game):

While the groom's kicks were all about "Doctor Who":

The couple's tribute to "Spider Man":

"Star Wars" guest book:

A ninja, because why not?

First kiss:

Custom cake topper:

Pictures from inside the groom's room:

The Lego-inspired groom's cake:

"Dr. Who" card box:

Dobby manned the bar and, yes, the signature drink was butterbeer:

Yoda guarded the favor table:

More "Dr. Who":

Wedding favors were jars filled with local honey and contained a shout-out to Obi-Wan Kenobi:

Lego characters served as table numbers:

For the win -- a little "Princess Bride" reference:

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