05/27/2014 07:51 am ET

5 Reasons Sweden Is Superior When It Comes To Aging

Eugena Klykova Photography via Getty Images

Mention Sweden and you're likely to think about Ikea, those delightful little meatballs, and well, Swedish Fish. But there's far more to the Scandinavian nation than meets the eye. In fact, last year it was ranked the best place in the world to grow old. Swedes also have among the highest life expectancies in the world, ranking in the world top 10, just shy of 82 years as of last year, compared with 78.7 years with the 26th-ranked U.S.. And last year, it was even ranked the 5th happiest nation in the world, according to the World Happiness report, while the U.S. came in 17th.


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