05/28/2014 04:46 pm ET Updated May 29, 2014

How The Unmistakable Style Of Edgar Wright Makes Everything Funnier

If you've had trouble putting into words what it is that Edgar Wright, director of "Shaun Of The Dead", "Scott Pilgrim", and "The World's End," does that makes his movies so deliciously funny, you're in luck. Tony Zhou does it for you in this installment of "Every Frame A Painting."

While the importance of a funny script can't be diminished, when Zhou compares Wright's directorial choices side-by-side with other hit comedies, the difference is clear. You can do things the easy way, or the Edgar Wright way.

Check out Zhou's fantastic breakdown of how to do visual comedy above and let us know if you agree with his assessment of Wright's chops. Then, let's all observe yet another moment of silence for the director's departure from "Ant-Man."


'The World's End' Photos
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