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What Dad Wants For Father's Day According To 9 Real Dads

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Sure you don't want to buy Dad another tie or money clip, but chances are you're totally over-thinking this Father's Day thing. Keep it simple with these nifty gadgets (or should we say "dadgets"?). See dad, we made a corny dad joke, just for you.

Jokes aside, we partnered with Best Buy and enlisted real Dads to share what they actually want this year.

  • The Fitness Fanatic
    bill antonitis A Fitness Tracker
    "The Basis Activity Tracker isn't your average fitness band. Sure, its accelerometer tracks your walking, running, and other ambulatory pursuits, but it also has a heart rate monitor built right in for the more serious athletes. Not only that, but it can track your sleep patterns based on your body temperature--important for all you new parents out there. Best of all, it logs all your data via Bluetooth and displays it for you in some slick-looking graphs so you can actively improve your physical performance based on specific goals. It's a pretty sweet watch, too."

    - Bill Antonitis, blogger behind Jacked Dad
  • rj jaramillo A Sleep Tracker
    "My annual doctor's visit revealed that I wasn't getting enough quality sleep; that's why I want a FitBit ONE: Activity and Sleep Tracker this Father's Day"

    - Richard "RJ" Jaramillo, blogger behind
  • The Entertainer
    jon galbraith A Frozen Concoction Maker
    “Usually I hand-make all the cocktails for our guests. But sometimes it's fun to step away from the bar and let our friends serve themselves. With the Margaritaville Frozen Concoction Maker taking the guesswork out, they'll be able to crank out an endless supply of perfectly blended margaritas and I'll get the day off. How's that for a perfect Father's Day gift? We have several great blended drink recipes that I can’t wait to try out in this!”

    - Jon Galbraith, blogger behind Entertaining Couple
  • mike vrobel A Plancha
    This father's day, I'm hoping for a plancha - a flat griddle for my grill. I've lusted after one ever since Francis Mallmann talked about them in his Argentine grilling book, Seven Fires. I love the idea of a flat, solid surface on my grill - so I can cook smaller pieces of food without them falling through the grill grates.

    - Mike Vrobel, blogger behind Dad Cooks Dinner
  • beau coffron An Espresso Maker
    "I need my morning caffeine, and ever since I saw the Nespresso U D50 Espresso Maker in action, I've wanted one so bad. You can't beat how easy it is to use and how the compact size won't take up much of the valuable space on your countertop."

    -Beau Coffron, blogger behind Lunchbox Dad
  • john donohue A Deep Fryer
    "Living in New York City, I have about as much counter space as there is room in the backseat of a taxicab, so I'm limited in what I keep in my kitchen. If I had the space, I'd get a fryer. Deep frying is a bit of a mystery to me, so having the right gear would make it easier to do at home."

    John Donohue, blogger behind Stay At Stove Dad and author of "Man with a Pan: Culinary Adventures of Fathers who Cook for their Families"
  • The Gadget Guru
    trey burley A Satellite Radio Receiver
    "For dads that have Sirius Radio in the car the one thing that's missing is having it in the house. If you've got it in the car, once you purchase this home receiver you can now get Hair Nation in the garage too."

    - Trey Burley, blogger behind Daddy Mojo
  • dai manuel A Smart Watch
    “I’m a busy dad, period. My kids keep me on my toes all day, every day...the Gear 2 Smart Watch is on my Father’s Day list this year simply because it can help me keep up with everything without skipping a beat…and hey, it also makes me feel like a super spy! Have you seen it yet? It has a camera built into the watch! Go Go Gadget Dad!”

    - Dai Manual, blogger behind The Moose Is Loose
  • The Memory Maker
    mitch A Digital Camera
    "My #1 gift to receive this Father's Day would be a digital camera from Best Buy as my family knows that the several old cameras I own are all half broken and my using a tablet or phone as the main camera is not the smartest route for a blogger who needs to illustrate his stories with great pictures! Best Buy is down the block, they have price matched for us in the past, and I trust the guidance their staff will provide for me brand wise, I can't wait to start taking better pictures!"

    - Mitch, blogger behind GayNYCDad
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