06/02/2014 11:08 am ET | Updated Jun 02, 2014

How Frozen Yogurt Is Slowly But Surely Taking Over New York City

Ahhh, New York City. You're known for having some of the best cuisine in the world, which is no surprise considering the insane amount of restaurants you have in your five, unique boroughs. But something's happened to you, New York, and it's giving us a headache -- a brain freeze, to be exact.

frozen yogurt

Every time we turn our backs for just a SECOND, you go and replace a laundromat/donut shop/Duane Reed (just kidding) with another godforsaken froyo place. Sure, froyo used to be delicious (six years ago) but now it's just downright annoying. Lucky for all of us annoyed New Yorkers, one disgruntled force has taken to the streets, taken pics of NYC's ruin, and turned to Tumblr.

The Tumblr is aptly titled, "...and now it's a fuckingfroyoplace" and it has declared that it's "tracking New York's downfall" on both Tumblr and now Twitter. So next time you see a 16 Handles and think "Not again," don't get mad -- just snap a photo and express your anger here.

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  • 1 The kids who have never been happier in their lives.
    Jeff Greenberg via Getty Images
    Getting an ice cream cone is the highlight of their life thus far, until tomorrow's ice cream.
  • 2 The person who asks for a thousand samples.
    Facebook/Big Gay Ice Cream
    And then he inevitably decides he didn't want ice cream anyway.
  • 3 The girls who only order frozen yogurt.
    Fotosearch via Getty Images
    No judgments.
  • 4 The person who drops his cone immediately upon receiving it.
    Joy Skipper via Getty Images
    Sorry, bro.
  • 5 The politician looking to schmooze and get his picture taken.
    It's all fine, as long as he actually eats the ice cream.
  • 6 The family that's almost too cute.
    Fotosearch via Getty Images
    They're adorable and endearing, but we also kind of hate them.
  • 7 The sad person, looking to eat away his sorrows.
    Facebook/Ben & Jerry's
    Ice cream is your friend. Your cool, calming, delicious best friend.
  • 8 The person who orders the banana split.
    Premshree Pillai/Flickr
    There's always someone who goes for the gold.
  • 9 The kid who's not afraid to make a mess.
    Fotosearch via Getty Images
    Or maybe, more precisely, he doesn't even realize he's making a mess, because his concentration is singular: ICE CREAM ICE CREAM ICE CREAM ICE CREAM
  • 10 The person who orders coffee.
    Facebook/Blue Marble Coffee
    Not coffee ice cream ('cuz that's legit), but coffee. Real, hot coffee. Why???
  • 11 The mom who is desperately trying to convince her kid to like ice cream.
    She just can't remedy the fact that her kid's not into yet. It doesn't compute.
  • 12 The person who asks for an egg cream and confuses everyone.
    Rob Lawson via Getty Images
    An egg cream, for the record, contains neither egg nor cream. It has milk, soda water and syrup.
  • 13 The drunk guy.
    John Rensten via Getty Images
    What's better than a milkshake to wash down a heavy night of drinking?
  • 14 The best friends.
    KidStock via Getty Images
    Ice cream is the perfect thing to share with your best friends.
  • 15 The person who orders more than their body weight in ice cream.
    Chiot's Run/Flickr
    And somehow he manages to eat the whole thing.