CrossFit Posts Jesus Parody On Facebook Page And The Comments Explode

06/05/2014 12:44 pm 12:44:47 | Updated Jun 05, 2014

Comedy group The Kloons created a "Cross Fit by Jesus" video to parody the popular exercise regimen CrossFit-- but many Christians aren't laughing.

It features an introduction by founder "JC," and testimonials from believers like, "They say we all have our own crosses to bear. It's just that when I bear mine, I engage my obliques."

"With Cross Fit, you can turn every daily routine into a divine calorie burning experience," a voice-over declares. The fake workout involves exercising with a wooden cross strapped to your back.

The video was posted in May, but gained a lot more attention when CrossFit posted it on its official Facebook page on June 4.

Some viewers are outraged at the disrespectful use of a Christian symbol, while others enjoyed the tongue-in-cheek video.




Others simply came for the debate, possibly directed by a Reddit thread on r/atheism posted by one of the creators of "Cross Fit by Jesus."


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