06/05/2014 10:10 am ET | Updated Jun 05, 2014

Emily Blunt Almost Killed Tom Cruise On The Set Of 'Edge Of Tomorrow'


"Edge of Tomorrow" cost a reported $178 million to make, which means there will be plenty of explosive special effects and a bevy of complicated stunts. Emily Blunt verified that during a June 4 appearance on "Conan," revealing that one of those stunts nearly caused her to kill Tom Cruise.

The "Groundhog Day"-esque sci-fi blockbuster, about an officer who continually repeats a day in which he battles extraterrestrials, found Cruise performing his own stunts, as he is known to do. At one point, Blunt was driving a stunt car with a trailer behind it and Cruise in the passenger seat -- or, as she put it, "not his favorite place to be." A few harrowing minutes later, the actress almost caused his demise by wrecking the car into a tree. Watch her relay the story below.


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