06/06/2014 05:44 pm ET Updated Jun 06, 2014

Revelations From The Stars Of 'Orange Is The New Black'


Let the binge watching begin.

The second season of Netflix’s hit original series “Orange Is The New Black” premiered at midnight on June 6. On Wednesday night, some of the show’s stars -- Dascha Polanco, Laura Gómez, Diane Guerrero and Jackie Cruz -- made a special appearance at the Cosmopolitan 'Fun, Fearless' Latina Awards and had a few revelations to share with The Huffington Post.

Check out what the actresses said below.

  • Dascha Polanco is Daya Diaz
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    On what fans can expect from Season 2: “We’re going to see more of the Latinas, we’re definitely going to see more storylines.”

    On Whether She's Surprised When She Reads Her Scripts: “All the time, I’m serious, you can’t predict it. Everytime I feel like, “you know what, I know what’s going to happen,” it’s like holy shit. You never know, whether it’s me or it’s another character.”

    On What It's Like Going Into Castings As A Latina: “As a Latina, going in there is intimidating because this is the first show I’ve seen so many Latinas in, and it feels like home. You get to hang out with your Latinas and they’re actually all doing the same thing and it’s pretty much there first jobs too. And then you work with Elizabeth Rodriguez and Selenis Leyva who have been doing this for so long and they finally get their break. You know it’s something that we have to own and we have take this opportunity again, this is the beginning we have a lot of work to do we have to unite and open the door for many more of us. So that’s pretty much where our mentality is and for myself I feel this is only the beginning. There’s a small percentage of us in Hollywood and especially the diversity has to be a little more increased when it comes to [us].”
  • Laura Gómez is Blanca Flores
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    On The New Season Of OITNB: “Friday we will find out so much about the Latin gang, and that’s amazing. Yes, the Latin gang is coming with a bang...[Also] there’s new characters, it’s not so much about Piper anymore.””

    On OITNB Championing So Many Latina Stars: “This show, in a way has redefined casting I think. What could be stereotypical characters is not because we have so many layers. As an actor it’s such an opportunity to stand out and [it’s] amazing material for an actor. So I think for Latinos right now it’s an amazing show to be a part of.”

    On Latino In The Entertainment Industry: “First of all, one of things that is happening little by little is we are seeing positive images of Latinas on film and TV but sometimes it’s not just about positive, it’s about layers. Which is I think what this show has. Aside from that I do think we should be writing our own stories, if we want to see more of something like what this show provides, in a way.”
  • Diane Guerrero is Maritza Ramos
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    On Working With So Many Latinas: “There’s a big cast of Latinas, which I don’t think I’ve ever seen before. I’m really proud to be a part of that. We’re also very different. We all come from different places, all parts of the world or our parents do and we adapted to those cultures and we come from different cultures. It’s been really amazing and I’m glad that audiences are being exposed to that because I don’t think you do. And I think that we’re getting more into what being Latino is like or different kind of Latinos, and I think that’s not really talked about. The different cultures that we have within our community. I’m really happy about it.

    On What Is Like To Be A Latina In Hollywood: “You know, it’s hard. I think it’s getting better. At first I thought it was really, really hard because I thought well I’m only going for these parts that are just Latinas and I always kind of wanted to say, ‘well I’m an American too’ or ‘I’m just like everybody else.’ But you know, I’m embracing it a lot more, it’s getting a little easier but I think it’s all progress and it’s all getting better.”
  • Jackie Cruz is Marisol Gonzalez
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    On The Impact OITNB Has Had On Latinas: “Well number 1, I think Hollywood has to see who we are now. I’m so excited, it opened the door for all types of Latinas, we’re all different colors, sizes so I’m really happy now. We don’t all look the same. So I’m happy that it opened the door for all of us.”