This Shelter Dog Who's Blind In One Eye Got A Makeover That Saved Her Life

06/09/2014 05:16 pm 17:16:54 | Updated Jun 09, 2014

Chances are a dog in a high-kill shelter won't have a happy ending if they aren't adopted within a few days. That's why the people at Hollywood Grooming have stepped in to help make some of these shelter dogs look their best to quickly attract potential owners.

Last week, a dog named Charlie received a makeover that changed his life, and this week Maggie has been chosen for a life-saving transformation.

Maggie is blind in one eye, and when she was admitted to the L.A.-area shelter she had dirty, matted fur. Her chances of being adopted were extremely slim. dog

First, she was shaved. dog

But she was still quite dirty ... dog

So she also got a nice bath. dog

And even some cute bows! dog

"This makeover transformation allowed Maggie to look as beautiful as she is on the inside, on the outside," writes The Pet Collective in the video description. dog

After her transformation Maggie looked like a completely different, happier dog, and a few days later she was adopted!

To learn more about animal care and control in Los Angeles or to donate, visit here.

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