These 15 Celebrities Totally Disagree On Scottish Independence

06/11/2014 06:01 am ET | Updated Aug 11, 2014

(Reuters) - In the battle over Scottish independence, a rising number of famous Scots have gone public with their views on whether Scotland should leave the United Kingdom to go it alone.

Following is a list of some of the most famous Scots or Scottish residents taking sides in the increasingly heated debate ahead of the referendum on Sept. 18 which will decide whether Scotland cuts its 307-year tie with England.

One notable Scot has stayed silent, tennis player Andy Murray, although he admitted in June that he did not like Scottish leader Alex Salmond holding up Scotland's blue and white flag, the Saltire, behind Prime Minister David Cameron when he won Wimbledon last year.

(Reporting by Belinda Goldsmith)


  • 1 Sean Connery
    Getty Images
    "As a Scot and as someone with a lifelong love for both Scotland and the arts, I believe the opportunity of independence is too good to miss." (New Statesman interview March 2014)

    Actor Sir Sean Connery at the Edinburgh book festival August 25, 2008. (Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)
  • 2 Irvine Welsh
    Getty Images
    "I'm totally for independence, totally. I think everyone is, even the unionists. It's the process which is being argued about, not the principle." (Daily Record April 2012)

    Author Irvine Welsh at the Dominion Theatre in Edinburgh, Scotland on August 31, 2010. (Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)
  • 3 Ken Loach
    Getty Images
    "If I had the chance to be independent from the Tory-Liberal-New Labor bunch, I'd jump at it .. I think: go for it. Other colonized countries have asserted their independence." (The Herald May 2012)

    Director Ken Loach at a film screening at the MoMA, New York City, March 7, 2007. (Scott Gries/Getty Images)
  • 4 Brian Cox
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    "This whole argument has nothing to do with the pound. It's not about any of these things they say are important; it's about ... trying to get back to egalitarian principles, which is so present in the Scottish character." (New York e-magazine Boo York City March 2014)

    Actor Brian Cox at the Edinburgh International Film Festival in Scotland on June 21, 2008. (Martin McNeil/Getty Images)
  • 5 Alan Cumming
    Getty Images
    "The evidence is clear - in the past 15 years we have become stronger economically, socially, culturally and globally. The world is waiting for us and I know Scotland is ready." (Yes Scotland launch May 2012)

    Actor Alan Cumming speaks during the launch of the 'YES' campaign for Scottish independence in Edinburgh on May 25, 2012. (Andy Buchanan/ AFP/GettyImages)
  • 6 Charlie and Craig Reid
    Getty Images
    "For me and Charlie it's not about patriotism or nationalism. I'm not into flag-waving and it's not about identity. It's about where the power lies and who wields it, and we believe independence would give a more equitable society." (Scotsman July 2013)

    Charlie Reid and Craig Reid, from the band The Proclaimers, at St. Mirren Cathedral on January 21, 2011 in Paisley, Scotland. (Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)


  • 1 J.K. Rowling
    Getty Images
    "The more I have read from a variety of independent and unbiased sources, the more I have come to the conclusion that while independence might give us opportunities - any change brings opportunities - it also carries serious risks." (Own website June 11)

    Author J.K. Rowling in Edinburgh, Scotland, on November 7, 2011. (Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)
  • 2 Billy Connolly
    Getty Images
    "I don't believe in having more layers of government that ordinary people will have to pay for. I think it's time for people to get together, not split apart." (Radio Times April 2014)

    Comedian Billy Connolly pictured in Glasgow, Scotland, on December 3, 2013. (Mark Runnacles/Getty Images)
  • 3 Rod Stewart
    Getty Images
    "I'd hate to see the Union broken after all these years - and I don't think it will happen." (Radio Times July 2013)

    Singer Rod Stewart performs at the SSE Hydro arena, in Glasgow, Scotland, September 30, 2013. (Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)
  • 4 Chris Hoy
    Getty Images
    "I've said numerous times how proud I am to be Scottish and how proud I have been to compete for Britain too. I don't think these two things necessarily have to be mutually exclusive." (BBC May 2013)

    Olympian Sir Chris Hoy holds the Queen's Baton in front of St Paul's Cathedral on June 7, 2014 in London. (Chris Radburn/Glasgow 2014 Ltd via Getty Images)
  • 5 Ewan McGregor
    Getty Images
    "I'm a Scotsman and I love Scotland with all my heart. But I also like the idea of Great Britain, and I don't know that it wouldn't be a terrible shame to break it all up." (Daily Mail March 2012)

    Actor Ewan McGregor and his wife Eve Mavrakis arrive for the Investiture ceremony at Buckingham Palace, London on June 28, 2013. (JOHN STILLWELL/AFP/Getty Images)
  • 6 Susan Boyle
    Getty Images
    "I am a proud, patriotic Scot, passionate about my heritage and my country. But I am not a nationalist." (The Sun July 2013)

    Singer Susan Boyle attends an album signing at HMV on November 20, 2012 in Glasgow. (Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)
  • 7 Emma Thompson
    Getty Images
    "Why insist on building a new border between human beings in an ever-shrinking world where we are still struggling to live alongside each other?" (Spanish television August 2012)

    Actress Emma Thompson attends at Grosvenor House Hotel for the Jameson Empire Awards on March 30, 2014 in London. (Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images for Jameson)
  • 8 Alex Ferguson
    Getty Images
    "If ever there was a time to be wary of Scotland pulling out of the UK, it is now. It would be a distraction from what really matters - the economy, jobs, schools and hospitals." (Daily Record May 2011)

    Soccer Manager Alex Ferguson arrives to watch an English Premier League football match between at Old Trafford in Manchester, on May 3, 2014. (ANDREW YATES/AFP/Getty Images)
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