06/12/2014 10:01 am ET | Updated Jun 12, 2014

Spike Lee Directs Short Film For Kelly Rowland's World Cup Empowerment Anthem

Paul A. Hebert/Invision/AP

Kelly Rowland is in good company (Santigold, Janelle Monae, Timbaland) on "Beats of the Beautiful Game," the World Cup-themed album that Pepsi released this week. Spike Lee directed a short film that accompanies her contribution, "The Game," a fast-burning empowerment anthem about making everything count and achieving your dreams (because what else do you sing about on a sports-themed compilation?). Lee's video depicts a young Brazilian boy who receives a soccer ball as a gift and discovers his true calling. Rowland doesn't appear in the film, but it's charming enough not to matter. Go soccer!


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