06/18/2014 11:38 am ET | Updated Jun 18, 2014

Here Are Summer's Top 10 Food Pit Stops In America

It's already June, which means it's time to get out of school and hit the road for an old-fashioned family road trip! Although the plan is probably to explore new sites and parts of the country, there's something that's very familiar -- where people are stopping for food.

In an in-depth study that analyzed over 100 million venue searches and favorites, the data team at Scout came up with a list of the "Top Food Related Pit Stops of the Summer." Let's just say that we weren't surprised by what they found...

1. McDonald's


Those Golden Arches are apparently beckoning EVERYONE from sea to shining sea.

2. Starbucks


Because who doesn't need coffee when you've been driving for six hours straight?

3. Pizza Hut

pizza hut

This one is interesting, because eating a whole pizza puts most people in a food coma immediately.

4. Subway

subway food

Jared's opinion obviously carries a lot of "weight."

5. Burger King

burger king

You can have it your way -- anywhere, anytime.

6. Wendy's


Is it the new salads or those amazing fries drawing people to their drive-thru?

7. Taco Bell

taco bell

Yo quiero Los Tacos!



Breakfast is an appropriate meal no matter what the hour!

9. Domino's Pizza

dominos pizza

That new crust though... YES.

10. Dunkin Donuts

dunkin donuts

Donuts as a meal? We're into it.

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