Soccer Star's Grandpa Takes 'Persieing' Meme To The Next Level (PHOTO)

06/19/2014 06:10 pm ET | Updated Jun 19, 2014

Judging by the grandfather of Dutch soccer star Robin Van Persie, talent runs in the family.

After Van Persie scored a high-flying, last-minute header of a goal last Friday, the Internet exploded with pictures of people replicating the athlete's unique mid-air pose. Among those identifying with the nascent meme, called "Persieing," was Van Persie's 93-year-old grandfather:

van persie

In an interview with Dutch News Service Omroep Brabant, Van Persie's grandfather said that as a former gymnast, he was happy to strike the pose, though he admitted: "The falling part was fine but getting up was more difficult. Obviously, because it's not a position you get into every day."

For perspective, here's a photo from Van Persie's original goal: robin van persie

And here are more photos of "Persieing":

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