This Might Be The Most Hipster Item Of Clothing Ever

06/19/2014 08:49 am ET | Updated Jun 19, 2014

What’s more cliché hipster than biking to work in a plaid shirt?

Biking to work in a plaid shirt with sewn-in reflective stripes.

San Francisco clothiers BetaBrand recently introduced a line of shirts with three meters of retroreflective yarn sewn into the fabric, allowing the startup bro’s shirt of choice to double as night-safe cycling gear.

“This is a poly-cotton shirt that by day is a mild-mannered button-down, and by night becomes brilliant, ultra-reflective shirt that exponentially increases your visibility,” designer Steven B. Wheeler states on the BetaBrand website. “It's perfect for cyclists and commuters who want a casual shirt that will keep them safe at night.”

The shirts might be straight out of a “Portlandia” episode, but they do shed light on an increasing safety hazard in cities with large cycling communities like San Francisco, which has seen a troubling spike in bike-car collisions.

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