06/20/2014 08:55 am ET Updated Jun 20, 2014

You Might Not Like Politics, But These Protesting Dogs Are Adorable

John Moore via Getty Images

On Friday's Take Your Dog To Work Day, pet owners celebrate their furry friends -- and excited co-workers welcome the cute distractions from work.

For those who don't have dogs in your office today, or just want evidence of some of the work they do, we offer photos of dogs who braved the crowds to share their political views and try to change policy.

  • Animal Rights
    Philippe Lopez / AFP / Getty Images
    A dog is held by a demonstrator in a protest against fur products as the Hong Kong International Fur & Fashion Fair gets underway on Feb. 25, 2014. The protesters staged the demonstration on the opening day of the fair.
  • Gay Pride
    Natacha Pisarenko / AP
    A woman holds a dog wearing a rainbow-colored bandana before Argentina’'s annual gay pride parade in Buenos Aires on Nov. 10, 2012.
  • Animal Abuse
    Luis Robayo / AFP / Getty Images
    A child stands by his dog that has a sign against animal abuse during a protest on a street of Cali, department of Valle del Cauca, Colombia, on April 26, 2014.
  • Grain Tax Bill
    Juan Mabromata / AFP / Getty Images
    A woman holds her dog wearing a sign which reads "No to the 125," referring to the government's grain tax bill during a demonstration in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on July 15, 2008.
  • Syria Strike
    David McNew / Getty Images
    A dog wears a protest sign at a rally in Los Angeles to urge Congress to vote against a limited military strike against the Syrian military in response to allegations that President Bashar Hafez al-Assad had used sarin gas to kill civilians on Sept. 7, 2013.
  • Venezuelan Government
    John Moore / Getty Images
    Dogs draped in the Venezuelan flag sniff during an anti-government demonstration on March 2, 2014, in Caracas, Venezuela.
  • Animal Abuse
    Luis Robayo / AFP / Getty Images
    A dog carries a placard against animal abuse during a protest on a street of Cali, department of Valle del Cauca, Colombia, on April 26, 2014.
  • Police Union
    Valery Hache / AFP / Getty Images
    A dog carrying a police union flag walks as police officers demonstrate in front of the "Police Nationale" offices in Nice, southeastern France, on Jan. 22, 2014.
  • Animal Abuse
    Luis Robayo / AFP / Getty Images
    A woman walks her dog with a sign that reads "Animal abuse to the penal code!" during a protest against animal abuse on a street of Cali, department of Valle del Cauca, Colombia, on April 26, 2014.
  • German Chancellor's Visit
    Louisa Gouliamaki / AFP / Getty Images
    A dog looks at a placard carried by a protester's dog during a demonstration against the visit of the German chancellor in Athens on April 11, 2014.
  • Chinese Press Freedom
    Philippe Lopez / AFP / Getty Images
    A protester's dog is seen with a blue ribbon as a sign of support for press freedom during a march in Hong Kong on Feb. 23, 2014.
  • Government Reform
    Pedro Armestre / AFP / Getty Images
    A dog sports a shirt that says "Public health" on Feb. 23, 2014, in Madrid during a demonstration regrouping some 41 civic organizations to protest against the government reforms, against the Troika, and missing participatory democracy in Spain. The aim of the march which coincides with the coup of 1981, according to participating association Marea Ciudadana de Madrid, was to give a democratic and peaceful response to cuts in civil rights and liberties imposed by recent legislation, such as the reform of the penal code, the law on citizen security, private security law and the law of abortion.
  • Mortgage Debt
    Josep Lago / AFP / Getty Images
    A dog of an anti-eviction activist with a sticker reading "yes we can" rests during the occupation of the Bankia bank's headquarters during a protest against mortgage debt organized by anti-eviction activists of the PAH (the Platform of People Affected by Mortgage) in Barcelona on May 2, 2013.
  • Indian Control In Kashmir
    Rizwan Tabassum / AFP / Getty Images
    Pakistani activists of Youth Forum for Kashmir wrap an Indian flag around a dog during a protest in Karachi on Oct. 27, 2013. Thousands of Kashmiri people observed a "black day" in Pakistani Kashmir, rallying at an event organized by Islamists against Indian "brutalities" and occupation of the Himalayan region.
  • Release Of Activists
    Pierre Andrieu / AFP / Getty Images
    A dog wearing a sign bearing the words "Free Francesco" and a portrait of imprisoned French Greenpeace activist Francesco Pisanu sits on the sidelines of a protest calling for the release of a group of Greenpeace activists imprisoned in Russia, on Oct. 31, 2013, in Paris.
  • Taiwan President
    Mandy Cheng / AFP / Getty Images
    A protester's pet dog is dressed with protest signs beside a placard reading "Down with Ma Ying-jeou" during a rally outside the National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall in Taipei on Sept. 29, 2013.
  • Animal Rights
    Michal Cizek / AFP / Getty Images
    An animal rights activists protest against the new law on stray dogs culling, on Sept. 27, 2013, in Prague.
  • Nuclear Power
    Mandy Cheng / AFP / Getty Images
    A protester's dog is dressed with a protest flag during an anti-nuclear demonstration in Taipei on May 19, 2013.
  • Live Animal Export
    Paul Kane / Getty Images
    A sign hangs around the neck of a sheep dog among protest groups supporting live animal export outside Thornlie Senior High School prior to the arrival of Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard on March 27, 2013, in Perth, Australia.