Woman Allegedly Pointed Gun At Little Girl's Face: Police

06/25/2014 03:51 pm ET
Reading Police

A Reading, Pennsylvania, woman was arrested Sunday after police said she brandished a loaded handgun, pointed it at children and fired a round into the street.

Billie Jo George, 24, allegedly pulled the gun on a group of children who were playing with squirt guns outside on the sidewalk, according to WFMZ.

George allegedly told the kids that she had "a real water gun" and retrieved the weapon from her house, then loaded it in front of them. Parents were horrified when they saw that George was pointing the gun.

“She pointed it at my daughter’s face,” the mother of one child told the Reading Eagle. “God was with my daughter that day.”

As the mother gathered the neighborhood kids inside her house, she said George fired a shot into the street. Witnesses said that the woman laughed after she fired the shot.

"It was like a joke to her," one witness said.

George now faces a slew of charges, including disorderly conduct and four counts of reckless endangerment. She's being held on $75,000 bail.

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