06/26/2014 09:44 am ET Updated Jul 11, 2014

How To Wear Overalls And Still Look Like A Grown Up

If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me how to style overalls, let's just say, I wouldn't be writing this article.

Overalls are popping up everywhere and it seems like few people know how to wear them without looking like they just walked off of a farm. While sporting a denim onesie seems pretty foolproof (after all, everything matches with denim), figuring out the right shirt, shoes and accessories to pair with your overalls is an art form.

Here are a few tips to help you look great in your favorite childhood trend:

  1. Leave the plaid at home -- for real. This is one time when wearing a flannel is not okay, unless you've been driving a tractor all day.
  2. Stripes, however, are an almost guaranteed home run. Channel your inner sailor with a blue-and-white striped shirt and you'll look adorable, we promise.
  3. Fit is key. If you have a longer or shorter torso, try and find a pair of overalls with adjustable straps so there is no gapping (or pulling) in the crotch area.
  4. If you're going for a pair of roomy, slouchy overalls, opt for an ultra feminine shirt underneath. Lace tops, frilly details and off-the-shoulder shirts will help balance out the more masculine silhouette.
  5. Choose grown-up accessories. To avoid looking like a toddler in overalls, leave the bows, backpacks and pigtails at home. Instead, go for structured bags, sleek gold jewelry and a topknot to finish your look.
  6. Shorter gals can either cuff the legs of their overalls if they are too long, or opt for shortalls for better proportions.

Below are a few stylish ladies who know how to rock overalls. Take some style cues from them and then shop our favorite affordable pairs below.

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The Best Overalls For Under $150