Disturbing Animation Imagines A World Where Breathing Is Outlawed

06/26/2014 09:01 am ET | Updated Jun 26, 2014

The London-based animation studio Beakus has created the ultimate dystopian future.

The world of "Last Breath" -- the film posted above, directed by Mak Ying-Ping -- has a lot wrong with it. Chief among the difficulties of living there is that citizens aren't allowed to breathe. And anyone who dares try meets swift punishment.

The plot follows Yeuk Seng, a man who realizes he's become a "social outcast as a breathing person," according to the Vimeo description. "Refusing to give in, he is now struggling to live in a city that he does not belong to anymore."

Surrealist touches like an anti-breathing video game and the fleshed out futuristic landscape make the extreme premise strangely believable. Take a deep breath and check it out above.

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