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UNLV Student Leaders Are Mad About Hillary Clinton's $225,000 Speaking Fee

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Former Secretary of State and expected 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is getting paid $225,000 to speak at the University of Nevada-Las Vegas in October, and some student leaders aren't happy about it.

The event Clinton's expected to speak at is to raise money for the UNLV Foundation. As the Wire explains, the more you donate, the more access to the possible Democratic nominee you receive. Clinton's fee will go toward the Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation.

According to the Las Vegas Review Journal, none of the funding is coming from tuition, and it's covered by private sponsorships obtained by the Foundation for the event.

But that apparently isn't enough for UNLV student body President Elias Benjelloun.

Benjelloun said this week on "Ralston Reports," a local TV show, he wants to see Clinton return part of all of the money to students.

"We really appreciate anybody who would come to raise money for the university. But anybody who's being paid $225,000 to come speak, we think that's a little bit outrageous," Daniel Waqar, the student government's public relations, added on "Ralston Reports."

Ralston himself was disgusted with the speaking fee as well.

Students appear to especially incensed due to tuition going up 17 percent over four years -- or roughly four percent a year for four years.

Michael Wixom, a Nevada Board of Regents member, insisted Clinton is worth the money, emphasizing that no tuition or state money will go toward the speaker fee.

"The fee is relatively high, and I understand that," Wixom told the Wall Street Journal. "But she's a very high-profile speaker at this point."

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