06/27/2014 10:10 am ET | Updated Jun 30, 2014

These Pups Dressed To Support Their World Cup Teams Should All Advance To Next Round

You might think you have pride in your country's team, but rest assured you've got nothing on these doggie World Cup fans! Just check out all these winners sent to HuffPost Good News by Instagram's PR team.

Look at these guys barking for America:

Cupcake the golden retriever is pure gold.

'Merica. 'Nuff said.

This patriotic pooch loves our flag.

Aww this pup is wearing a bandana.

Another bandana!

Let's not forget the international fans:

Here's a wink for Italy.

A Brazil fan has never looked so adorable.

"Bummer, I didn't expect that last minute goal," says this Italy supporter.

This dog wants you to help him cheer for Ecuador!

A World Cup alien?!

Brazil looks even better in fur.

This Japan fan is not kidding around.


Let's paws and cheer for this Japan fan.

Keep fightin' the good fight, little guys!

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