07/01/2014 12:50 pm ET Updated Jul 01, 2014

Artist Uncovers The Musical Score Hiding In A Japanese Skyline

The artist Koshi Kawachi is a master of turning the everyday into the sublime. His latest project converts mountain ranges and cityscapes into musical scores, so you can "hear" the shape of the environment.

The score above was created for a recent exhibit at the 500m Museum in the city of Sapporo, on Japan's Hokkaido island. Kawachi scored the skyline as viewed from the Sapporo JR Tower, a 38-story skyscraper that acts as a gateway to the city. Built off the skyline's critical points, the score is played on a tonkori, a plucked string instrument indigenous to the island.

Kawachi's other compositions include a take on the Shinjuku region in Tokyo, and one based on the Bavarian Alps. Because, of course.

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