07/04/2014 07:00 am ET Updated Jul 06, 2015

12 Summer Hairstyles That Are Perfect For A BBQ, Picnic Or Pool Party

bbq hair
Photo courtesy: Instagram / @heelsavenue1

Picture this: outdoor party, blistering hot sun, sweat dripping down your face. This seems pretty much inevitable at a summertime BBQ or picnic. But don't worry -- we've got you covered.

To help keep you cool and your hair out of your face, we've rounded up 12 hairstyle ideas from Instagram that will help you avoid unwanted flyaways, frizz or sticky hair. Check them out below.

Embrace the humidity and sport big, natural curls.

A photo posted by SimplyCyn📌 (@simplycyn) on

Pile your hair really high in a topknot.

Braid it up, braid it down, braid it all the way around.

If all else fails, put on a hat and create some shade.

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Summer Hair Inspiration
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